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How Exercise After a DUI Can Help You Get Your Mind Straight

Have you considered increasing your exercise after a DUI? It could be one change you make to your body that lasts. The truth is, once you start putting time and energy into putting a lot of good into your body, you naturally begin to push the bad away. It could even go so far as […]


Addressing Anger Issues While Going Through DUI Treatment

Going through DUI treatment often teaches you a lot about yourself. It can be very enlightening, especially when you need to start discussing why you drank in the first place. You may not want to realize that your alcohol habit was in control over the choices you made. Instead, it might make you more angry […]

Phoenix DUI

How Not to Enable Behavior When Someone You Love Faces a Phoenix DUI

Did someone that you care about get a Phoenix DUI? If so, you need to make sure that you help them by watching your own behavior. Enabling someone who struggles with their alcohol consumption can lead them down a path of repeated behavior. While you are not in control over the choices they make, you […]


Managing Stress Can Help You Rely on Alcohol Less

After any type of a DUI, one main goal that most people have is to rely on alcohol less. They want to break free, or at least feel as though they are in control over when they drink. Unfortunately, most who struggle with problems like DUIs, are often at the mercy of a drug or […]


Signs You Might Have an Alcohol Addiction

Are you worried you might have an alcohol addiction? If so, then you are already to the point of questioning if what you drink is too much. There are several signs that come with someone struggling with an addiction, especially one to alcohol. The sooner you take the steps to get your addiction under control, […]

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