Monthly Archives: February 2016

Sticking With One Company After a DUI Conviction

After a DUI conviction in the state of Arizona, there are a number of tasks that must be completed to reinstate driving privileges and keep you out of jail or shorten your jail-time – and many of them must be completed in a particular order. When you start with your court-ordered DUI alcohol screening here […]

Why Traffic Survival School?

Though conviction of certain traffic violations (or too many of them) may lead to Arizona courts mandating a course through Traffic Survival School, this group of individuals are not the only ones who could benefit from such a course. As stated on the Arizona Department of Transportation website: “The [Traffic Survival School] Program attempts to […]

How We Offer More – Alcohol Screening Services

Our Focus Though facing DUI charges is never easy, here at Alcohol Screening Arizona we will do everything we can to help minimize the stress and streamline the process to get you back to your life faster. We know how difficult it is to continue with everyday tasks – let alone the many court orders […]

New Service- Traffic Survival School!

The name you’ve come to know and trust now offers Traffic Survival School! That’s right! To complement our ensemble of services related to court compliancy and your driving privileges, Stonewall Institute is now licensed by the Arizona Chapter of National Safety Council to offer traffic survival school.

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