After any type of a DUI, one main goal that most people have is to rely on alcohol less. They want to break free, or at least feel as though they are in control over when they drink. Unfortunately, most who struggle with problems like DUIs, are often at the mercy of a drug or alcohol addiction. If you want to rely on alcohol less, one option you have is to manage your stress. By taking control over what stresses you out, you may feel the draw to alcohol loosen its grip.

Ways of Managing Stress

Each person handles stress differently, so one way of managing stress may not be effective for two people. However, there are many stress management options out there, so as long as you keep trying, you will find one that will work for you. If your current way of managing stress is to have a beer, a glass of wine, or even go out and buy yourself a bottle of liquor, this is no longer an option. This is especially true if you are struggling with the aftereffects of a Scottsdale DUI.

Here are some great options when it comes to relieving and managing stress. Each of them has the potential to help you, so keep trying different things until you find the perfect one for you.

  • Exercise is a great way to keep stress down. It gives you something active to do, while also giving your stress an outlet. Plus, it helps your body rebuild anything that alcohol may have taken away. Just make sure you do any exercise after getting permission from your physician to ensure that your body is able to handle the movement.
  • Writing is another great way to manage stress. You can write down what is going through your mind for later reflection. You could also write about nothing at all, just getting whatever is in your head, out on paper. Then, when you are done writing, you can go back and read the crazy words your mind put together without thought.
  • Hobbies are amazing ways of reducing stress so you can rely on alcohol less. You can turn anything that you like that is positive and helpful into a hobby. Plus, if you are good at whatever hobby you choose, you can even make money with it. Consider gardening, woodworking, organizing, sewing, pets, or even playing video games. Just make sure it doesn’t take over your life like alcohol was trying to do.
  • Meditation is great when your goal is to manage stress. Alcohol is a depressant, and that is why many people turn to it. It relaxes your body. If you want a similar effect, but on a much healthier level, you may want to consider meditation. It relaxes your mind and your body, and can be done in just 2-3 minute bursts if you want.
  • Eating the right foods is a great option when it comes to both learning to manage your stress and learning to rely on alcohol less. Drinking takes a lot away from your body, nutritionally speaking. If you take the time to refill your body with the nutrients it needs, then you can begin feeling better from the inside-out.
  • Music is another very popular way of managing your stress. You can listen to your favorite artists, workout to music, dance along with your favorite songs when no one is watching, or even go out for a run with your favorite songs blaring in your ears. Just make sure you don’t wear your headset so loud that you do not hear the traffic around you as you go.

How Relieving Stress Can Help You Rely on Alcohol Less

Stress is rough, and it leaves you tense and wanting something that will just take the edge off. The problem is, most things that can “take that edge off” leave you in a bad situation. This includes things like alcohol and drugs. If you learn to rely on other forms of stress relief, such as the ones mentioned above, you can learn to help your body heal.

You need to rely on healthy ways of helping your body. When you fill your body with empty calories and the altering effects of alcohol, it can leave your body ill. Plus, the more stressed out you get, the higher your heart rate and blood pressure go. When you learn to manage your stress, you can keep your body healthier, longer. The healthier alternatives you seek out for stress management, the better each is going to help your body.

Once you get your body to understand the positive ways of managing stress, your body is naturally going to rely on alcohol less. You are going to get used to putting only good things into your body, and you are going to learn to like how your body responds. That is when the idea of putting anything harmful into your body is going to become foreign. Instead of letting your body waste away from something as pointless as alcohol, you will want to fill it with healthy foods and drinks, more exercise, and options that leave you feeling proud of yourself.

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