Life After DUI Arrest

After a DUI arrest, you need to know how to get your life back on track. Contact us here at Alcohol Screening Arizona for help. We know what steps to start with.

Right after a DUI arrest, your mind is reeling. Your emotions are going to be all over the place, and you may have a hard time figuring out where to turn next. This is normal, and nearly everyone goes through it. You have the guilt of driving, plus you also are angry over getting caught. Even if you know you made a mistake, you know that you must correct it before you can get your life back on track. So, what is that all going to take? What steps are required to get your life back? Here is a look at what to expect after a DUI arrest.

First, You Have Consequences to Face

Immediately after your DUI arrest, life is going to be challenging. Typically, you will have lost your license for 90 days, sometimes more. That means that you need to have someone drive you around, take you to work, and even help you with grocery shopping. Depending on the severity of your charges, you may be able to get a temporary restricte license back before the 90 days are up, but not everyone is able to get this.

You are also going to need to go through what is called a DUI screening, or MVD screening. This is when you get interviewed to figure out if this was merely a one-time mistake, or if this is something you are likely to repeat in the future. The more likely you are to repeat this mistake, the harder your time will be in court. You will have to convince the judge that you are not a risk to society, and show that you are serious about getting, and staying, sober.

If your DUI screening says that you are very likely to repeat this mistake, you may also need to look into getting some type of alcohol addiction treatment. This can be for anyone, not just those who are alcoholics. Just because you can pay your bills and keep a good job does not mean that you do not struggle with alcohol. Alcohol treatment is good for many who have been on the receiving end of a DUI arrest, not just those who outwardly struggle with alcoholism.

Next, You Have to Begin to Rebuild Your Life

For those who do not have much of a social life outside of drinking, this can be a very confusing time in life. The people who drink know who they are when they are drinking. They understand who their friends are. Without that connection, some of them struggle. If you find yourself struggling with figuring out who you are without alcohol, do not worry. There are places where you can go to learn more about yourself without the risk of falling into old patterns. One great place to start is by attending meetings. This will give you endless resources on places where you can go with sober friends to learn who you are and what things you like that do not involve alcohol in any way.

Make plans with people you care about during this time. It does not have to even be going out anywhere. Just make time to spend with people who have not seen the sober side of you in a while. Have a dinner party, go to the zoo, attend a movie, or even meet up at the library and talk. All of the people who used to be a part of your life, but somehow drifted away as you consumed more alcohol, can be a part of this part of your life as well. Just invite them in and see how many stick around. You will likely be surprised that most of them will.

Plan for the Future

When you have struggled with alcohol for a part of your life, it often is something you will struggle with off and on for the rest of your life. In case you are not always able to remain sober, make some habits now so hopefully they carry over should you relapse. Never go out where anyone is drinking, and bring your keys. Even if you are going to be sober, make sure to take a cab. That way, if you ever go back to drinking, you never go out in your own vehicle.

Also, make a tight group of friends. If you ever need to call on one of those friends in a moment where you are unable to make beneficial choices for yourself, you know that the people you call friends will make the best possible choices they can for you. Make sure these are people you trust. That way, should you need to lean on their decision-making skills, you know that the choices will be sound.

You Never Know What the Future May Bring

While right now, your plan may be to never touch alcohol in any way again, you never know what that feeling will be in a week, month, or years’ time. Do what is best for you after a DUI arrest and get the help you need to ensure that you do not repeat the mistake of drinking and driving again. You do not have to make it through this entire process alone. In fact, you shouldn’t try. You should make sure you have all of the help and support around you possible. This can include family and friends, a DUI attorney with the experience to help you manage the court system, and someone that can help you with the DUI screening and DUI treatment aspects of your recovery, should that be the route you choose to take.

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