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If you get pulled over for a DUI in Arizona, you have rights that you need to know about. You have choices that you can make. Granted, the police have actions they need to take as a response to your actions, but that is just how the balance is kept. You are expected to be […]

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In 2010, Arizona passed Proposition 203 which legally allowed marijuana to be dispensed under the proper prescription to patients.  Though still illegal for recreational use, several states across the country are legalizing marijuana to individuals over the age of 21.   With these law changes comes the question; can I still get a DUI for […]

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Alcohol Screening Arizona is the best AZ licensed DUI service provider.  You can get your AZ DUI alcohol screening requirement completed and electronically filed with the MVD right away.  If you need to get a court-ordered DUI screening, we can provide it.  If you want to do your Arizona MVD alcohol screening online.  Call us […]

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