Why People Drink Alcohol

Do you drink alcohol? Many people do, as they think it helps them relax, have more fun, or some other reason. It is a habit for many, so they do it without thinking a lot about it. Just because it is habit, does not mean it is safe. Many people make the mistake of habitually drinking, then thinking they are safe to drive. People receive Arizona DUIs and get hurt all around Arizona on a daily basis due to this mistaken thinking. There are other ways of getting through whatever you are going through, without turning to the bottle.

Here are some of the most common reasons that people drink alcohol.

Many People Drink Alcohol to Combat Stress

Since alcohol sedates the body, it provides the feeling that you are relaxing when you drink. That is why many people drink alcohol as a way to relax. They believe that after a long day, they can calm down and chill out with a beer, glass of wine, or a few shots. What they do not realize, however, is that the alcohol is actually putting them to sleep. It is slowing down their reaction time, plus, it is causing them to forget about their problems. The problem with forgetting about their problems is that when they sober up, they realize they did nothing to solve or fix any of them. That makes them stressed out more, which causes them to drink more, continuing the cycle.

People that drink alcohol to combat stress often drink on a regular basis. They normally drink on a daily basis, quickly building up a tolerance to how alcohol makes them feel. Unfortunately, while you may not feel the effects of the alcohol as much, your body is still reacting to them. This means that while in your head you are totally fine, you could be putting yourself and others in danger should you decide to drink and drive. This could result in you facing a DUI charge, which is never a positive turn of events.

Other People Drink Alcohol Because They Think It’s Fun

There are some people who drink alcohol simply because they believe it is fun. Alcohol damages your body, each and every time you drink it. While you may be thinking you are having fun, your stomach, kidneys, and liver are struggling to rebalance your body. Alcohol does a number on you, from dehydrating you to causing things like kidney stones. If you drink too much, it can also lead to cirrhosis of the liver. This is when your liver no longer functions properly and is in the process of shutting down. This, no matter the circumstances, is not fun.

If you are going to do things that are fun, and others are drinking alcohol, you can always opt for water. Others can make the assumption that you are drinking vodka if you want them to. It protects your body, and keeps you from making a bad choice, such as driving after drinking alcohol. Your body can always use extra water, as it helps to flush any toxins left in your body, out. Consider trying to have fun with friends outside of drinking environments. You may find that you have even more fun when you can remember what you did!

Some People Drink Alcohol Because Those Around Them Drink Alcohol

Some people drink alcohol because that is exactly what they see from the people around them. This can be teenagers or young adults drinking because they saw their parents do it each night. Sometimes it is drinking alcohol during a party after work because everyone else is doing it, too. There is no reason to harm your body just because other people are doing it to theirs. Peer pressure is much more likely to get you in trouble than help you. If you drink because those around you are doing it, it may be time to spend time with other sober individuals instead.

A Few People Drink Alcohol Purely Out of Habit

One big problem with people who drink alcohol purely out of habit is that they tend to drink a lot. It is something they do without thinking about it first. Because this is their regular habit, they do not feel the effects as much, and make the assumption they can safely go about their normal lives. This is never a good assumption. Just because you believe it is safe to run to the store, go get food from a drive-thru, or run an errand that involves driving, does not mean it is actually safe. You could receive a DUI hurt yourself, damage someone’s property, or hurt someone else driving nearby because of that thinking.

Yet Others Drink Alcohol to Feel More Confident

One of the more common reasons that people drink alcohol in social situations is to feel less inhibited. When a little alcohol is on board, they feel more confident. This could be just enough to get one out there and talk to someone they find attractive, or just want to strike up a conversation with. When someone is naturally introverted or shy, they use alcohol as a way to feel more confident with themselves. Unfortunately, many use a bit too much and wind up either making a fool of themselves or getting to a dangerous level.

When you realize that alcohol use is not something you want in your life anymore, we can help. The same goes if you face a standard, extreme, or aggravated DUI in Arizona. Getting help is easy, and we know what to do to help you. Here at Alcohol Screening Arizona, we can get you past your urge to drink, or habit of drinking, and get you moving forward with a satisfying sober life. Judges really like it when you take a mistake and turn it into a life-changing event that betters you. Prove that your DUI charges do not define you and come see us for help.

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